Local, quality goods are what shoppers enjoy buying the most. Show them what you got. 

No Listing Fees

Straight forward commissions structure. Seller keeps 90% of each individual item sold + unlimited listings.

Stay Local

Shoppers know that they are buying from someone near them. Be proud of your creative community.

Our Pop-up Shop

A physical space to host pop-up events in downtown Seattle, rent free. Just schedule in advance. Coming soon…

What to Sell

Handmade Goods

Local makers, showcase your goods here. Use the “available quantity” feature to let people about limited runs or made to order details. 

Digital Downloads

Musicians and visual artists, upload your music and digital art for buyers to download. Let people know they are supporting local artists. 

Physical Store Items

Established shop owners and curators, reach customers online and expand your brand awareness. Don’t worry about parking!

Gently Used

Shoppers can also sell. Open up your shop to offer your personal, gently used items. Listings must be approved before being published. 

Free Promotions

Your items will often be mentioned in the Shop Local enewsletter, social media, and promotions from our  community partners.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my listing approved? 

When you finish creating a listing from your dashboard it will go pending. Within three days your listing will publish or you will be notified that your item does not meet all three criteria, and you will be asked to make changes and try again. 

When do I get paid for my sold items? 

Payouts are made via Stripe after each sale. You can sign in to your existing Strip account or start a new one on your settings page.

How do I get my goods to the buyer? 

Sellers are responsible for keeping track of their sales and shipping to the buyers themselves unless they organize with Shop Local for weekly free delivery. 

Start your shop today and help grow this
shop local movement.